At IS-NET, our team is committed to providing comprehensive guidance throughout your application process. We understand the significance of every aspect of your admission, and our goal is to ensure that no detail is overlooked. From start to finish, we'll support you in keeping all elements of your application and admission process intact.

Keep in mind that a single aspect of your application has the potential to dash your aspirations of being accepted into a world-leading British university.

Resumes and personal statements play a vital role in your application to British universities, as they create the first impression for admissions officers. Typically, recruiters and admissions personnel spend just 6 to 8 seconds reviewing a resume. Hence, it is crucial to make your resume visually appealing and captivating at first glance. The same principle applies to your personal statement, so ensure that both your resume and personal statement are flawlessly crafted.

Though it may appear unfair, it is a widespread practice among application reviewers, given the large number of applicants vying for a spot in the same course. Our goal is to assist you in leveraging this opportunity to your advantage by crafting a professional and distinctive resume and personal statement. By working with IS-NET, you can easily monitor each stage of your application and receive regular updates.

Which documents are required for each study degree?

Bachelor's Degree

- Qualifications that qualify you for the course you are applying to (This includes Certificates, Transcripts and potentially Work Experience)

- Certificate of English Proficiency (This could be IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Test or Others and will depend on what the university recognises and approves)

- A Copy of your Valid Passport and any Visas you may have or have owned

- Resume / CV

- Personal Statement

Master's Degree

- All of the above (Now including your Bachelor's Degree Certificate and Transcript)

- Two letters of recommendation from your previous school or workplace (Must be on letter-headed paper, dated, signed and have the referees contact details)


- All of the above (Now including both your Bachelor's and Master's Degree Certificate and Transcript)

- Research Proposal

At IS-NET, we will thoroughly analyse all of your documents, making sure there will be no problems once we submit the application. We will also proofread documents you have written and make sure they are the best they can be!


Crafting an academic resume requires a different approach compared to job applications, and only a handful of individuals excel at it. We not only provide guidance on writing an exceptional student resume but also meticulously review it before submission, making any necessary refinements that will benefit you in the long run. This ensures your resume is flawless, impactful, and stands out in a polished and concise manner.

Personal Statements

A personal statement is equally crucial, if not more crucial than your resume.

Crafting a compelling personal statement requires skillful navigation through various topics while maintaining a concise structure. Reviewers expect to see your aspirations, goals, and how their course and university align with your ambitions. It's essential to convey a lot of information effectively. Our team is here to assist you in creating a captivating personal statement that engages the reader, while also ensuring your work is free from grammatical and punctuation errors.

Reference Letters

References are usually written by someone who knows you academically or professionally. Most references will talk about you from a teacher’s or supervisor’s perspective: how you interact with other students and your performance in classes and seminars or how dedicated and skilful you were at work.

Your reference does not have to be academic, but if you’re studying or have recently completed school or college, an academic reference is expected. Choosing the right referee is crucial for your application to university.

Things to Consider

  • Choose an appropriate referee, one that links to the course that you are applying to

  • Reference letters will only be accepted if on letter-headed paper, dated, signed and have the referees contact details

  • It should explain the relationship between you and the referee

  • Ideally, it will express confidence that you will complete the course

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